Sky High- Poetry Piece

Sky High Clouds… Being up in the clouds is like being in a dream Or so you said 30 000 feet above reality and you hardly seemed real There was a flame that sparked between us It’s a wonder the flame didn’t set the plane ablaze We were star-crossed lovers   Friends… We said we […]

The Crude Carrier- Fiction Piece

The Crude Carrier   now. I blared the ship’s horn blared. And blared it again. It didn’t matter though, no one could hear us anyway. I picked up my walkie talkie and whispered into it. “Stowers, have you found any of them? Over.” I listened hard, trying to make out anything that could even remotely […]

The Pyromaniac- Personal Anecdote

The Pyromaniac   I’ve always been interested in baking. More so in actually making the desserts than eating them. However, as accomplished and experienced I am now, it definitely wasn’t always like that. There was one particular day that especially stands out. I was in grade 8 and I had the day off from school, […]